Cannot use Academy credentials to log in the Forum


I have both the RPA Advanced Diploma from the Academy and the RPA Developer Certification from the certification platform. However, neither the credentials I use for logging in the Academy nor the ones I use for the Certification Platform work with the forum.

What am I missing? I am only able to log in here with Google. This is not much help as I would really like to post in the RPA Advanced thread.

Thank you

Your email address for all UiPath sites must be the same. Academy is not yet linked but Go, Connect and Forum are. Refer to this post to join the Advanced thread: UiPath Graduates Group

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Hi @Rovertos

Just like @Maria_Nolan mentioned, you have to use the same email address in all platforms including Academy, Certification platform, Connect & Forum. However, For each, you have to create different accounts using the same email address. Having an account in academy does not enable you to join forum directly. So please make sure to create a login using the same email address.

Let know how it goes.

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Thank you for the replies. I created this account using the same email I used for my Academy account. I also sent a membership request fir the UiPath Graduates Group so I think it should be settled.


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