Cannot update my profile


When I want to update my account and fill in all the requested fields the update button refuses to update my profile. In remains telling me: “Please complete your profile before accessing the site” even if all the fields are filled in on the screen.

Can you help me with this?
I need to respond to a user about my component but I cannot do it until my profile is complete

kind regards,

Tom D’haene

Which profile are you trying to update?

Pavan H

The one on:
I created my account when it still was beta. Maybe that’s the reason why something in the back is missing.

Please fill all the mandatory fields(* marked fields) and then you will be able to create account,

If you have done all these and still not able to update mean please send a screenshot and we can have more clear picture.

Pavan H

Yes, I filled in all mandatory fields.
But still when I click update, I get the message that not all the fields are filled in. Even if I fill in the non mandatory fields.

Hi @tdhaene,

What is your email address in Connect. So that I can check what is the problem. Also, you can write on Connect Support. We are pretty fast on resolving issues there :slight_smile:

Yes, I tried that as well but I get on that site the following error:

Ok I tried again on the connct support and now It continued. I hope they can fixes this thx @RazvanC