Cannot spy element

Hello friends,
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in a explorer page I should insert the path of a file.
I cannot spy the only element :“Sfoglia”, which I should click to type the path.

Here is the selector
“webctrl id=‘urlName’ tag=‘INPUT’ colName=‘Coda’ name=‘urlName’ type=‘file’ /”
HOw can I insert the path?
How can I detect the button “Sfoglia”?


Use Click Image activity and then try once.

In these situations instead of clicking the Sfoglia button I will just use a double click activity anywhere in that address bar

Hi @CamiCat

Hey are you able to type the file path manually

If yes use type into based on the selector


Helo @AshwinS2,

not able to type the path.
Have you got suggestions?
Thank you,

Hi @CamiCat

Use Double Click on the Sfoglia you will get file dialog window and based on that do teh type into

Ashwin S

Try and let you know @AshwinS2.
Thank you so much for your advice.
Cami :slight_smile:

Hello @AshwinS2,

I think this is the solution.
I’ll try one more time and let you know as soon as possible.
Cami :slight_smile: