Cannot sign into Orchestrator or Studio anymore

@Pablito , @loginerror - is there anything that you may be able to suggest to help my colleague here? We have had another colleague with very similar issues but so far no resolution :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

It might be also something related to VPN or proxy. Is it a company computer or network?

Yes, I am on a company computer, and I am almost always connected to our VPN.

This might be the reason. You need to check with your company’s IT dept. if there are not blocking any connection to the Orchestrator.


@Pablito @katharine.hardy
Still working to resolve this. A colleague of mine worked for an hour this past Friday with me to try to make the connection, but we were not successful. Is there a way to reset my Orchestrator as if I were signing in for the first time?

(No update yet on if the connection to Orchestrator is being blocked.)

In the meantime, my personal account and connection to Orchestrator is working on my personal laptop.

It looks like this issue is resolved.

  1. When I tried signing into Orchestrator today, I did not have a robot configured.
  2. I went to Tenant → Users → clicked on the 3 dots next to my name → Edit → Optional Robot Settings → Clicked to automatically configure an Attended Robot (which also resulted in creating a workspace)
  3. Then, when I went to open a .xaml file, Studio had me sign in and choose the version of Studio.
  4. Once the file had loaded, it showed that I was connected.

I know I had tried this a few times before on my own and with others, but I think the work from Friday helped resolve the issue. I believe we deleted my workspace and some roles and such, but I cannot recall everything we did during the hour.

Happy to have this working again. Thanks for your help.


Unfortunately, @Pablito and @loginerror , this isn’t working again. I haven’t touched any settings since Tuesday. Getting this familiar error message:

Completely signed out of everything, went to Studio to sign in, and it opened Orchestrator in my web browser for me to sign into. I clicked that I wanted to sign in with my Microsoft account, then gave me the message below, and it’s not redirecting me. When I went to Orchestrator manually, I have some robot errors that I’ve never seen before.

Also, I don’t recall seeing this “Could not connect to the server (#101)” message before:

I contacted my IT department about this, but seeing as how it was working two days ago, I’m not sure why it would be a firewall issue.

Could you maybe check the Windows Event Viewer for the inner exception of this error?

Also, the SSL issues are typically resolved by making sure your system clock and timezone are correctly set (as simple as it sounds).

Having said that, it looks like there were some issues yesterday with the services, so that might have been the cause as well:

Ok, thanks for the ideas. I can log into both my personal and work accounts and connect to Orchestrator from my personal laptop, so this looks to be an issue with my company computer and not UiPath.

I’ll update the post with the solution once we figure it out.

Sure. One other thing I recalled is the TLS 1.2 requirement, see here:

@loginerror im also having the same issue, my bot tends to connect briefly and then it disconnects. The assitant status turns red and says its connected but unlicensed. Ive tried changing the TLS setting to 1.2 and error still persists.

@olmccb Sorry you are having the same issue!

My IT department has tried just about everything to solve this. One thing we thought it might be, but it isn’t, is an issue with the bios time not being correct, leading to an authentication problem.

We’ve tried reinstalling UiPath, logging in a variety of ways, and reinstalling Windows (which failed for some reason).

I also checked the suggestion made by @loginerror , and I have use TLS 1.0, use TLS 1.1, and use TLS 1.2 all checked.

This is definitely some sort of issue with my specific device because I can log into my work account on my personal device with no issues.

Hey there @Joe.Matuch this is certainly frustrating but its the second time its happened to me. Hoping someone from uipath will get us a solution!


Do you happen to be an Enterprise customer? If so, feel free to contact our technical support via this form:

As mentioned above, it is quite tricky to debug, but can often be fixed by making sure your system clock is in sync and set with your time zone.

Same thing just happened to me.
UiPath, I’m so sick of your constant changes which messes with my configuration and security implemented in my company.
Please, for once, if it works - do not change it!

Can you please check your computer time? If you have a misconfigured clock (even a few seconds) can fault the SSL connection.

my computer timeis fine. i have uninstalled and re-installed uipath now several times and the issue persists. help is appreiciated.

Are you available for a zoom call so I can see and understand where the issue is?

Please DM me some time slots when you are available and an email address and I will send an invite.


@Joe.Matuch I am dealing with a similar issue where I keep intermittently losing connection to Orchestrator from studio, and activities, like Get Asset, that connect to Orchestrator time out.

And I also have issues signing back in to studio when I logout.

Did anyone find a solution to this?