Cannot set unknown member UiPath.Core.Activities.ForEach System.String.CurrentIndex - Solution


Unable to launch previously working workflows after upgrading studio to 2018.4 in orchestrator, runs fine locally but after publishing fails with error.


Troubleshooting steps

As per the attached image and the release notes , the index property for ForEach activity was introduced in 2018.3.x version. The workflow developed / published in higher version can’t be executed in the lower version.

Please refer below release note for more details

The code is developed / opened and published in the version with higher package version and you are running in lower version. ( which is not supported / recommended)
Please note that we don’t support forward compatibility as given in the link:

To resolve the issue,

  • Upgrade your Robots also in all the environment.
  • Publish the project again and execute.

If still facing issue,

  • please edit the workflow i.e. replace the for each activity again ( from older version of the Studio replaced with newer version of Studio designer).
  • Publish the project again.
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