Cannot send email from gmail account to outlook account

Hi everyone,
I am having problem with email sending from gmail account. I have provided all the necessary information. Still it shows the below error message. I also tried with port 587. Still same issue. How can i solve this issue?



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Open gmail account of your credentials and go to security settings and “Turn On” in Less secure app access
Secondly Turn Off/Disabled your antivirus
Then try again

Also check with below document on how to configure SMTP activity

Cheers @emshihab

Hello @emshihab ,

I think this is a firewall restriction. Please check the below post.

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Hi @emshihab,

This setting can help you. Enabling Gmail for Email Activities.

If you are trying to test with your company machine, some security procedures may be blocking you. You can consult your system and network team.


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