Cannot select the pop up

Hi all
I am trying to login into a website when I give my credentials there will be a pop-up and my bot is not able to select that in chrome browser instead, it is trying to select the whole page. Any help on this would be helpfull
Thanks in advance
Komal Viswateja Konduru.

Hi @komal.v.konduru
can you try reinstalling the extension or please downgrade the uiautomation package


Hi @komal.v.konduru

Check the extension is enable in chrome browser


Can you share the screenshot of the popup?

Try to drag only the popup screen using Element Exist activity


@Gokul001 @nikhil.girish Thanks mates
I will try them and let you know.

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Sure @komal.v.konduru

Let us know, if you face any challenge @komal.v.konduru


Try with any of these three options

  1. Upgrade UIpath.UiAutomation package in studio and give a try
    Go to studio-> design tab → manage packages → project dependencies-> upgrade that package

  2. Or try reinstalling the chrome extension

  3. Or use a send hot key activity with just key as enter without indicating any element

Cheers @komal.v.konduru

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@Palaniyappan Thanks, Sir.
Those really helped me.
@nikhil.girish @Gokul001 Thanks mates your valuable messages helped me a lot.


Hi @komal.v.konduru

Do you have any Further query on this topic?

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