CANNOT select the new tab element


I am working on web recorder.
My purpuse: click one button on the page A, it will open a new page B (new tab). Then I continue to click another button on the page B or other operations on page B.

I did some configuration by using the web recorder and selector,looks like the UIPath can not do anything on the new tab, which means it is not recognizing the new Page B. Attached is the configuration and error screenshot.

Hi @Baki_Talan,
did you validate the selector (e.g. by going to ‘Edit Attributes’ ->‘Open in UI Explorer’ and ‘Validate Selector’ as well as ‘Highlight’ in ‘Visual Tree’ tab)? Did you test just this part of your automation where you are clicking the second button on your page B? Does it work at all (when separated from the rest of the process)? If it does work then, but crashes when the full automation is run, perhaps your automation is trying to push that button too early. Adding some delay might help (or e.g. ‘On image Appear’).

Dear PAD,
Yes I tried validate the selector by clicking the target element in the Page B, still no luck.

I tried this seperated part only, actually I tried search some image in Google (PAGE A) ,and in the new tab Twitter (Page B) I clicked some button,where it is supposed to jump to another Twitter page C. However it just stopped in the Twitter page B. Could you make a similar case project file for me so I could refer to?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Baki,

Please check the solution here - with Attach browser on the new tab:

If this doesn’t help, could you please provide more details so we can investigate? Studio version, browser.


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