Cannot select text input in Microsoft Dynamic GP

I am trying to automate some processes in Microsoft Dynamic GP and am having trouble with just logging into Dynamics. The main login screen has a decent element selector, but the individual textboxes in that window are not accessible. It does not make sense to me why these inputs would not be accessible. Do I need to get into all the image selector stuff here?

How will this work if both the text inputs are empty and are not distinguishable from one another?

The image below shows what UIPath highlights when hovering over the text inputs. (It selects the entire window)


If the selectors are not distinguished you may have to work with image relative selectors or anchors.
Use something like User ID: image for anchor for the userName.

Do you have any references or examples that I may look at? I don’t follow what you mean.

try this:

Even i am facing same issue. Do we have any other solution for this.
Anchoring did not work as it is not able to activate the correct textbox. It is always typing in the textbox which is already active. Could anyone please suggest some other way on how to correctly activate textbox and type into them?

Also after logging in, there are other places where similar issue occurs so anchoring or image based solution wont help much.

Example - If we need to search for a customer, we need to activate customer field and type customer id into it. After the results are obtained, we need to select the right customer from the list. Here since Uipath is selecting the entire form and not individual fields inside the form, it would be difficult to automate.

Read this:

We ended up using the GP Dynamics Web-Client as the actual client was completely unusable to create any type of reliable selectors. GP Client uses siverlight and some type of webforms app which is not friendly with UiPath. The only way that UiPath can deal with apps like that is by using image-based selectors, which was made every automation much more cumbersome and less resilient to changes. After spending a ton of time trying to make that work, we found the Web-client and have been using that since for all automation. There are at least some usable selectors with the HTML web client and it is how we do all Uiapth jobs within GP. GP as a whole really needs to deploy a modern web client though as this is not a perfect solution either. Good luck!