Cannot see local desktop when using UiPath in Citrix site

I have installed UiPath on a Citrix server and have published it so that I can access it via the Citrix Receiver on the local desktop. I can access UiPath as I would expect but when I try ‘Recording’ the window to record blank and not my local desktop. Is there a way of running UiPath on a Citrix/remote server but accessing the local desktop tools/applications?

I cannot install UiPath to the local desktop due to organisation policy.

Look forward to your replies

So… if i understand it, you want to go from the remove machine you’ve installed UiPath on back to the computer your logging into the remote machine with?

I dont think there is a way, unless you log into your local machine from the remote machine and use image automation, but i have no idea if that would work or if its possible… it would be like remote machine inception.

Thanks for the reply - You have understood me correctly. That is what I feared. Unfortunately the restrictions I have in this environment will not allow me to remote from server to local desktop.
Thanks again