Cannot see attributes when invoking a worklfow

This should be straightforward, but…

I have a main workflow that retrieves a value from an Access database, using a standard SQL query. It works fine. I want to have it as a reusable workflow, so it can be used by many robots. But when I try and use that workflow from another project, by importing the .xaml file into my new project and dragging it it to my Main workflow, the Invoke Workflow activity does not seem to see the In/Out arguments of the invoked workflow. I hae attached two images, one showing the invoked workflow and its arguments, and the other showing the Invoke activity, which shows 0 Import Arguments in amber, as opposed to the 2 I am expecting (one in, one out). Any idea?



please give absolute path of that xaml or try to use like library component

Actually, I did what was found in another post, which was to close the project, close UIPath, then open it all again, and low and behold the Import Arguments now show 2 in blue. Is this a know problem??

Hi @vincent.schoenfeld

Try making the Arguments as In/Out inside the work flow, and click the import Arguments in the Main. Xaml and check if that works.