Cannot save file while designing

Hello, we are actual testing studio 22.10.0-beta.
Because that Studio tells us that Windows-legacy-compatibility will end we change now projects to Windows.
For this it was necessary to switch our library to Windows as well. That is done.
However, many “unresolved activities” can now be found in the individual files.
Changing this is extremely nerve-wracking, because on the one hand you can’t simply remove an “unresolved activity” and replace it with the correct one, because now you can’t save the file due to other similar problems. Even if you remove the other missing references first. Are they there again when you reopen the file.
I can understand that you want to prevent “unresolved activities” from existing. But preventing saving is absolutely the wrong approach here. These errors would be noticed during compilation. But editing a file step by step is the order of the day here, and that includes saving the file, even if not everything is correct yet. But that is currently prevented. Please correct immediately!
Kind regards

Hi @martinN

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll pass it to the team.

I would also like to point you out to this documentation article that explains this deprecation message a bit more:

Thank you for the answer. Yes I understand that there will be used a different .NET Framework. And we also want to use that in future.
But that was not the reason for the post above. But the reason was that you shouldn’t prevent an editor - Studio in this case - from saving a file, even if errors are detected. This is by no means helpful and hinders the user more than it helps.

Got it and it makes perfect sense. Bigger projects might take longer to fix. I’ll save your suggestion for our team to consider.
There must be a reason it behaves as it currently does, but maybe there is space for an improvement.