Cannot run Robot after our license was extended

We have an extension to our license whilst we get approval for the renewal. However, we now get the following error when trying to run a job…

“Permission missing: Remote Execution”

I’ve scanned the forums but don’t know how to apply the license to a robot.

Could someone please help?


Hi Jono,

Are you trying to Start a job from Orchestrator? Is the Robot you are running the job on provisioned as Unattended or NonProduction?

Hi - Yeah, I’m starting the robot from Orchestrator via and it’s listed as NonProduction.

Can you give me your device ID so i can check if there’s something with the license renewal? Are you using the Trial version?

Device Id = qbG+CunmqiKCyqIjX+nK

I don’t think this is a trial version. I will ask a colleague to confirm.

Is it a paid license? I’ll get back to you after verifying.