Cannot Retrieve 'Last Processing On' time from transaction item

In my UiPath project, I am getting all ‘successful’ and ‘failed’ transactions from a number of queues. I then loop through each item and check the status and exception type so that I can get a total number of successes/failures for each queue. This all works OK. I am also trying to use item.StartTransactionTime and item.LastProcessingOn to calculate the duration of an item.

However, item.LastProcessingOn always returns the same as item.StartTransactionTime even though in the queue I can see that there is definitely a different end time.




Unfortunately that behavior is because of a bug related to the LastProcessingOn property.

There are some ways around it, like doing the time tracking for each item in the workflow.
Another option is to get the information directly from the API via the GET​/odata​/QueueItems endpoint, which returns the field EndProcessing: (3.7 KB)


Has this bug been addressed in any recent update?
I find the property highly valuable for monitoring routines

I don’t think the bug has been fixed. Am currently using 21.10.5 and the LastProcessingOn Property still has the same output as StartTransactionTime.