Cannot Read Properties Of Undefined Reading DefaultValue In UiPath Assistant

When running a job that utilizes the Google Workspace activities package via UiPath Assistant, why is the error "Cannot read properties of undefined(reading 'defaultValue')" observed?

Issue: When running the Robot via Assistant, the error faced is "Cannot read properties of undefined(reading 'defaultValue')" This issue arises with a process using Google Workspace activities package.

Root Cause: It is related to Google Workspace activities version 2.0.x and above in Studio/Robot v2022.10.5 or v2022.10.4. This activity package requires UiPath platform 23.4 which is still under testing phase.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project with Windows - Legacy and Windows compatibility with UiPath.GSuite.Activities[2.0.3] in Studio 2022.10.4 or Studio 2022.10.5
  2. Add a "Use Google Drive" activity
  3. Configure the project
  4. Publish to Orchestrator Tenant
  5. Add the process to the Modern Folder
  6. Try to run with the Robot user from the UiPath Assistant and it is not allowed due to "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'defaultValue')" error.


  • Downgrade GSuite activities to 1.16.2 as 2.0.x are compatible with UiPath platform 23.x .