Cannot provision robot in Orchestrator CE

I’m following the Academy Orchestrator training but after creating my new tenancy at I am not able to add any robots. The screen actually looks completely different and there’s no key to copy into the local machine. Am I missing something obvious here?


The Provision robot modal was redesigned in 18.3 which is now released for the Community.
In order to get the machine key, you have to provision the robot correctly (with the correct Machine name and Username) and after that, go to the Machines page (also new in 18.3) and you’ll find a standard machine with the name that you provided in the Machine field. Just click the View button from the right and you’ll be able to copy the machine key.

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First you need to Connect Orchestrator to your machine

Orchestrator - > Machine - > Standard Machine

Provide some Name


Once created, Click view button

Thanks @Andrei_Oprea and @Vivek_Arunagiri for the help. I now have this working :slight_smile: