Cannot practice academy tutorials since Community ver has a lot of activities missing

Cannot practice academy tutorials since Community ver has a lot of activities missing. For e.g. FlowDecision is missing. and so are a lot of others. How can I get an updated version ?

Hi there @vivdatt,
I’m fairly sure the Community Edition of UiPath will automatically update whenever newer versions are available.

With that said, I can’t imagine a version without Flowchart activities, such as Flow Decisions.

Would you be able to provide your current version number, through Start → Help:

In addition, can you provide a screenshot of you searching for “Flow Decision” and it not being available?

Thanks once again,

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Hi VIvek - Is this the first time you are trying to work with the UiPath application. If this is the first time, might be that few of the dependent files might be missing and try downloading the application again and check if the issue is resolved.

Hi Joshua - It seems like the latest version since I downloaded from UiPath site couple of days back, but I presume some files are not getting loaded, and hence the missing features. Below is the version details

Studio 2018.3.2 - 10/30/2018

Community Edition

EXE Installer

Expires in 10 weeks

Device ID: 50pU88omsshmPBStSc9u

Update Channel: Stable

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit

.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or later

Hi Prudvi - Yes this is my first time with UiPath, and it is quite possible that some dependent files are missing. I have downloaded the latest version a few times and last being only a couple of days back, but it has the same issues

Hi Vivek - Can you try opening the application in elevated mode/administrator mode and check the same. The last possible way could be downloading the application from the link which was sent when you registered for the community edition.
PS : Uninstall the application and make sure all the related folders are deleted as well.


I updated my NET Framework to 4.7.2 ver and reinstalled the UiPath community ver. I can now see some additional features/ activities that were not reflecting earlier, but still some are missing. Any further suggestions welcome


Hi Vivek - You can go to manage packages option and try to install them[the activities which are missing].

The developers have abstracted out many core activities into add on packs, so you have have to locate the add on pack that you need and install this.

I had to do that to get all of the UI Automation, including browser automation.

Not sure who thought of removing a core feature of the product and making it an add-on, but that’s confusing, poorly documented, and apparently not well-known. I had to explain to another dev 5 times before he even knew what I was talking about.