Cannot open Main File of project


Can not open up main… it is connect through sharepoint via view in file exploer feature. I need help with this I get the above error on the first screenshot

Are you sure that you are connected to Orchestrator license ?

Yes I am if I save the file on my desktop I can open it from there. I am connected see below . it’s only when opening from the sharepoint

So, please try following actions:
→ restart your PC/VM
→ log out and log in again to UiPath Assistant
If still not working:
→ unistall UiPath Studio
→ delete all old UiPath’s files from drive (those from previous installations)
→ install UiPath Studio again

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Try open the file from Studio and not from file explorer
If that doesn’t work try again after restarting your machine
There must be some issue in accessing the file from sharepoint
Try copying that file to local drive and try once

Cheers @Paul1

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