Cannot Open any files from Config.xlsx in Reframework! Help needed

Hi All,

I am using Reframework and i have given the path of UiDemo Application in the assets sheet, when i use "Use application/Browser activity and give the " in " Argument for the file path it always gives me this error “Specified file XXXXX couldn’t doesn’t exists”. Whereas when i use message box to see the output of the path it gives me the correct answer.

Ps:- in_config argument has been supplied and checked i orchestrator also for any naming mistakes.Everything looks fine. It gives me error in every application i try to open. When i give the Normal path "C:\Users\xxxx " then it works. But as i give the “in” argument which contains the file path from the config dictionary it gives me the error! please help guys!


can you share the output which you are getting from the asset

and check the filepath by passing it in the


whether the application is opened or not


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Hi @Shiva_Nikhil ,

The application is not open. I have used "use application/browser " activity to open the app. The Uidemo app is stored in Data\Input of the Reframework

Hi @Jai_Pande ,

Could you let us know if the Path mentioned in the Error Message and the Normal Path, is it the same ?

Additionally, could you check the variables and arguments, if there are any duplicate named variables present ?

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I have checked the arguments and the variables no discrepancy

First one is the argument path from config
Second one is the real path
third one is the error

@Jai_Pande ,

I believe this is the issue, We can see that the Double Quotes are also included in the String, which should not be the case.

You would have to delete the Double Quotes in the Path if you have also provided it in the Asset.

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Hi @Jai_Pande ,
Instead of keeping config file in “OneDrive”, keep it in local system and run again

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Thank you so much man it worked! i can return to me Reframework Practice!

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