Cannot login to certification portal

Hello ,

I’m trying to login to the “ ” . But after i submit my username and password it redirect again to the login page. Please fix this asap as I am in the middle of the certification process.

Kindly requesting your help

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You are right.

@loginerror please check this. The page is re-directing to login page.

Hi @KarthikByggari

It should be working now :slight_smile:

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It is not working… I still cannot log in! This is sooo frustrating. How long has this problem been around??? Some are from February 2019. It is July 2019 and I still cannot log in!

It’s working now
Kindly check once

Nope. I click on “Log In” and enter correct credential, but it redirects me back to this page. I know my credential is correct because when I deliberately enter a wrong combination of the username and password it returns an error.

I can never proceed from this screen. Also, clicking on Click here to resent confirmation email! never works. It never sends me an email.

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I Tried to reproduce the issue said
It’s logging in to the portal

Kindly check once with the email along the forum tab or update tab and confirm the login

Cheers @tomato25

Forum tab or update tab? What are they?

I just tried logging in from my phone, but it didn’t work. It just keeps coming back to the same screen… I thought it could be my email, so I created a new account with another email, but the problem remains.

I am tired of this…

I directly clicked on to the LogIn button and gave my email and password
It went through to the portal…
I think we need to contact the uipath team
Hi @pablito @loginerror
Kindly help us on this

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Hi @Harshui

Maybe we can contact here! UIPATH Technical support

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:

Hi @tomato25,
I know it might be a stupid question but have you tried to clear cache and cookies or log through other web browser. If yes and problem is still, please write directly to academy team here:

When you will have ticket number please send PM to me with it. I will see what I can do :wink:

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Hi @Pablito @loginerror

I am also facing same login issue from past 24 hours…tried several times…after giving login details, it’s redirecting to home page and showing message verify your mail before login…but not getting any verification mail to my gmail. i have tried with new gmail account and one more corporate mail account…but not getting any confirmation mail. only mail i am getting is…password reset mail when i chosen to reset the password…no other mails…it’s very annoying me…i have raised support ticket also…but did’t get any acknowledgement mail or message…don’t know what happening there…please do something immediately.