Cannot login after Orchestrator 2018 migrated from 2017.1

Our 2017 Orchestrator is in Azure PaaS. We are working on POC procedure for upgrade to 2018 version. In order to do, we migrate database as a separate copy and created app service as a separate instance. As instruction said, database migration will happen during loading, we successfully installed and we got logon page. However, I cannot login with any of existing tenant nor admin user per default. It kept saying internal error, but I cannot find any log.

I did enabled tenant parameter in web.config, but it didn’t help. Anybody encounter similar issue? Any log I can look at? Any assistant is appreciated. I have a ticket open for uipath as well, but not much successful yet.

Thank you


While doing the migration, did you take care on transfer the existing encryption key? very likely the password are encrypted in the db using another key.

The post bellow mention about what could be the problem and its solution.


Is that encryption key parameter in web.config?
Is this correct line? Just copy paste to 2018 web.config?
secureAppSettings tag?

I do not have access to an Orchestrator now so cannot assure you that 100%, but I would give a try - Revert in case that’s not solving your issue.

Yes, old key on the new one.


The Paas guilde to do it is available here.

Have you executed the PS script as descrubed here?


Publish-Orchestrator.ps1 -action Update
-package “path/to/package” -publishSettingsPath "path/to/publishSettings"
-sessionStateMode “sesionStateMode from AzurePublishParameters.json” -sessionStateSqlConnectionString "sessionStateSqlConnectionString from AzurePublishParameters.json"
-machineKeyDecryption “machineKeyDecryption from AzurePublishParameters.json” -machineKeyDecryptionKey "machineKeyDecryptionKey from AzurePublishParameters.json"
-machineKeyValidation “machineKeyValidation from AzurePublishParameters.json” `
-machineKeyValidationKey “machineKeyValidationKey from AzurePublishParameters.json”

encryption key didn’t work.

Also regarding powershell, I cannot find AzurePublishParameters.json from last installation.
So I didn’t run. These seems to set up App settings, so I set up app setting items from 2017 configuration to 2018 manually.

Do you know how to generate AzurePublishPrameters.json?

Can you have look into :