Cannot Install Uipath on Windows 7

I am having Windows 7 with 64 bit. I had previously installed Uipath on my laptop and created robots not sure whats happening suddenly.

Getting below error:
This program cannot run on a 32 bit computer and requires windows 8 or higher.

Hello @ajagtap636 ,

Based on the Hardware/Software requirements, for the last version, you should use Windows 8.1 at minimum.
Check the link here:


Luckily i had a copy of old installer on my laptop, i am currently using old installer and its working fine. Some bug in the latest installer that won’t run on Win 7.

@ajagtap636 can i have that older version Uipath tool

if yes plz share with me @


Hello @ajagtap636 ,

You can check this post, where you can find the details on how to download the latest version compatible with Windows 7.

I hope it helps.