Cannot get texts from PDF without the file path

I am trying to get the texts from PDF files from a folder.
First I use assign activity and put my folder path “C:\Users\laihninsein\Desktop\EO” in Value and created variable “EOfolder” in To.
Then I use for each to access each PDF files from the folder. Then I tried to use Read PDF Text activity to get the texts from each PDF but using that activity asks me the path again.
Could you help to guide how I can get the PDF text without having to put the file path as Read PDF text activity does?

should be like this

EOPdf = current file path in loop
use EOPdf as input for read pdf
use output of read pdf for log message

I tried that before but it only prints the pdf file name. But the texts in pdf.

nono, @Sein_Lai_Hnin

set OUTPUT of read pdf text activity to another string variable .eg. RESULT

then use log message to print RESULT

ohh I got it now. I need to create variable for the result. Okok. Thank you so much !

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