Cannot get Text from Google map results page

  1. I have Excel sheet which has google map extraction data of Courier Services Companies like Company Name, Company Address and Company Google map Link.
  2. What I want is Copy & paste Company google map link in browser and check whether company has website or not.
  3. If there is website, copy the weblink and paste it into new Excel Sheet.
  4. If not, go to next column and do step 2.

Step1: Activity used: Excel Application Scope, Read Range.
Step 2: Activity used: Open Browser, Get Attribute, used Attribute as “aaname”. Selects different UiElement.
Step 3: Activity used: For Each Activity.
Step 4: not sure how to perform this step.

I have attached workflow and excel sheet, thanks for your help in advance.
VD For Domestic Courier Services 15022020.xlsx (33.0 KB)
JuzzGo - Process.xaml (18.3 KB)