Cannot get IMAP messages from a specific sender

I use the IMAP activity to get the email messages from Gmail, usually works well.
Now I can’t see any message from a specific sender.

I can read the messages on GMail and I can read it using the IMAPX with powershell script, for that sender.

When I use the Get IMAP message from Studio it’s not working for a specific sender.
If I try to get the newest two emails and if one of the emails it’s the problematic sender, the resulting list will have only one messages.
The same behavior with different subjects. If I forward the same message from another account the robot can read it.

Someone saw something like this before?



did you increase top of messages?


Increased, decreased, …

Imagine, the problematic sender it’s “a” and we have 5 emails from “a”, “b” and “c”.


If I do the get IMAP with Top = 3, it will return only 1 items.
If I do the get IMAP with Top = 5, it will return only 3 items.
If I do the get IMAP with Top = 20, it will also return 3 items.

And if, I do a for each and print the sender will be: {b,c,b}.

If I filter by this sender will return empty.

I already uncheck the read only unread messages, downgrade the package, …

Looks weird 1st time i am seeing this kind of issue.
As you mentioned its only for particular sender right. Did that sender is using different mail server? Ex., Sender b and c are in exchange mailbox and sender a in O365 mailbox or vice versa.

On this post I think someone had a similar issue. But yes, it’s also the 1st time I see it as well.
And all are Gmail users, all in the internal domain. I will do some more research on this part.