Cannot find where can change the password

I found that I use gmail account to login UiPath. Therefore, I do not have the password of the account. How can I change the password of Orchestrator account? I has checked the account setting. However, there is no password changing option there.

If you use gmail to login UiPath, using this option:
then there is no separate user/pass for the orchestrator. If you change your gmail password, you use that login and it is not stored in Orchestrator.

Can I change the login method? I don’t want to use this option

Hi @Jacky_Leung

You can click Continue with Email and give respective email ID and Password.

Hope it helps

However, I use gmail login at the first time. I want to change the login method from Continue with Google to Continue with Email using the same email. How can I change it?

Hi @Jacky_Leung

when you are giving the password under that you can see Sign in with different account and by clicking over there you can see the option for signup / login through different accounts.