Cannot find UiPath.IntelligentOCR.FC.FCDocument variable type

Dear All,

I am unable to find UiPath.IntelligentOCR.FC.FCDocument variable type to use for intelligentOCR document processing.

I have installed the Abby.Activities and the IntelligentOCR activities.

Please help.

Hi @preetith

Are you able to check it in Go or project dependencies or even in official menus

Is the package been updated

Ashwin S

Hi @preetith

Just to add to what our friend @AshwinS2 mentioned, when searching in the options he mentioned, also enable the pre release tick so you can find it easily…

Thank You both for the prompt response.
I found the activities FC.FCDocument and FC.FCField under the UiPath.Abby.Core.FlexiCapture instead of the UiPath.IntelligentOCR Pacakge as mentioned in “docs.Uipath”. Hope they are same ?

Hi @preetith, I also want to use FC.FCDocument and FC.FCField activities. Where can I found these activities?
I tried searching for UiPath.Abby.Core.FlexiCapture but it is found on “Manage Packages”.

Please help!

Hi Ashish,

Flexicapture requires separate license.
I am using omniPage, machine language extractor and endpoints provided by uiPath.
Its working well so far !

Thanks @preetith for your response. Could you please attach .xaml file for example?

Sample is provided by uiPath. Please download IntelligentOCR demo from github