Cannot find the UI element to the corresponding seletor

Actually pardon me for posting this topic repeatedly.Actually I have created a project with older version.After the updation of UIpath, It asked for migration and migrated the code for newer version because of compatibility issue.

Hi @Mareeswar

First I think there is a problem inside your workflow, it’s indicating that it can’t find the activity Read Range so this raises a System Error which redirect the process to the End State .

In the End State the process tries to close the Internet Explorer where we have Acme System opened, but since the workflow had a problem in Read Range, I don’t think it had the chance to open Acme in the first place. so There is nothing to close that’s why you have the error.

The solution is to go Manage packages and install/update the package responsible for excel operations UiPath.Excel.Activities

Please let me know if it doesn’t work