Cannot find the UI element corresponding to selector " L3 Vendor Information_Performer

Hi guys ,

When I upload the yearly report, the “Report was uploaded - confirmation ID is *” text box appears. but I have this error. I have modified the selector putting a wild card

The error:

"message": “System exception.Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: at Source: Invoke System1_UploadYearlyReport workflow: Get Text ‘Static’”,
** “level”: “Error”,**


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Hey there,
So that exception happens from time to time. I had different approach to that problem. If you cannot fix your errors maybe try this:

You need to:

  1. Check if image “Report was uploaded…” exists, result is in boolean
  2. Use Click Image activity on the image
  3. Use Send Hotkey activity and send CTRL + A
  4. Use Copy Selected Text Activity
  5. Use Assign and string manipulation to get the Confirmation ID
  6. Use Click Image Activity to click “OK”

Thank you @srdjan.suc ! It works now, BUT…then the process get stucks right before Updating work Item…and I am not getting any erros. Looks like this


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When you say right before Updating work item, did you click on “Update work item” in details page, or you didn’t open that new little window?
Do you have any exception?

It doesn’t click

Stucks here:

checked the selectors and they are Valid

Hm, interesting.
In the _Test workflow try separating only the activities on this page and see if they work.
Maybe just plain old restart will do the trick

Restarted.It doesn’t do the “Click” on Update work Item


If you create “Click” in another sequence, does it work ?

managed to solve the problem…but it gets stucked again …hmmm I start to think that it’s a “Studio” problem from Uipath side …no errors, I am re-doing the sequences again, using the same WF and it’s working.

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It’s stops here, with no errors


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