Cannot find small mail attachments (less than 1kb)


I’m working on an automation which is based on emails with various .txt attachments. Some of them have multiple lines of text and the others contain just one or two short numbers.

The issue is that while the filter in ‘Get outlook mail messages’ finds all mails with attachments, further filtering for .txt extensions returns 0 for files that are roughly smaller than 1kb. For the purpose of tests I’m using mailmessage.attachments.count, but even saving the given mailmessage saves it without the attachment. Save attachment also doesn’t save it, while not returning any errors…

Does anyone know how can I solve this? Is there a way of reducing minimal attachment size for it to be visible in attachment collection?


Anyone? Noone? Maybe I should rephrase my question?

Basically System.Net.MailMessage doesn’t contain attachments that are smaller than 1kb… My text files are sometimes 200b or even less and are critical to the process. There has to be a way of solving this :slight_smile:

did u get any answer to your question? (or found any solution?) :sweat:

I have a problem that I don’t want to save attachments that are smaller than 20 kb…
If you could help me, I would really appreciate it…
thank you!