Cannot find Recorder, Ui Explorer etc. on Design Tab

Hi, I just installed UiPath on another computer, and I notice that on the Design tab, the Recorder functions and icon for Ui Explorer are missing. How do I enable them to be displayed?


Could you post some screenshots how it looks like together with the version you are using?
My first instinct would be to reinstall the software.

Hi, I have the same problem. I already reinstalled UiPath two times. I have version Studio 2018.4.0. Unfortunately I cannot upload some screen prints because I am a new user :frowning:

Hi again @DEATHFISH and @jordi

It seems we’ve found a solution to this issue, see this post:

Hi! Could you please provide more steps for where to modify these settings? is it in command prompt, or?..
“moving the packages out of this folder (removing them will also work, but it’s worth keeping a backup just in case): %userprofile%.nuget\packages\ and then relaunching the project?”

Thank you!

Hi @bianca.z

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The simplest would be to rename the packages folder temporarily and let Studio download them again.
I think this issue is related to the UiAutomation package being corrupted.

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