Cannot find extension in Edge, use browser and application does not have "browse url"


Hello everyone, can anyone of you help to solve my problem? thank you.

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You can use the ‘Go To URL’ activity to navigate to a specific URL inside the Use browser.

Above is the official documentation hope this helps you out.

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Did you happen to install the browser extension?


Is it giving same result for every other website or this is happening with that particular website only?

If happening to every website then, update the packages to latest version possible and try.

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I’ve installed the browser extension, and allow the UiPath Extension to be installed from the Edge Web Store by adding the value aolkfhjgbinoablafekggeglohbacjih to the ExtensionInstallAllowlist policy. But somehow still getting error.

I’ve update package to the latest one. I am thinking whether the extension issue cause this to happen? Because there is an error of the extension installation for MS Edge.

Ideally extensikns can be installed from studio page only

As per error looks like it is not installed properly


Actually, I installed through studio page, I have no idea why it is not installed properly.

remove extension from edge
Go to UiPath Studio->Settings->Extensions->Install Edge Extension from here.

please reinstall as instructed


Is it resolved after reinstalling?

Ashok :slight_smile:

No, issue still exists even installed from UiPath Studio.