Cannot find column [InMonth]

I am using Tab2.Select("[Completed Status1]=‘9-2018’").CopyToDatatable in a Assign activity and this one working fine. And am trying to replace ‘9-2018’ with a variable ‘InMonth’ from a Input dialoge

…look like Tab2.Select("[Completed Status1]=InMonth").CopyToDatatable here am getting error as in snap shot!
Could you help me on this!!

Capture2 … For more info please check this screen shots also. Thanks!

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I hope the variable type is something other than Date,

Can you try changing to type “Date” and check? @Subhass

Hi HareeshMR,

Thanks for the reply… but the issue still persist

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As per this screenshot., you are not giving the value as variable, you are giving it as string …

Try giving it as Tab2.Select("[Completed Status1]= " + InMonth.ToString + ").CopyToDatatable


Change this and let me know if it works :slight_smile:


Still Having Error :frowning:

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That’s my mistake,

Try this ; Tab2.Select("[Completed Status1]= " + InMonth.ToString).CopyToDatatable

Its showing new error :cold_sweat:

Can you paste a value from your data that you are selecting?

I mean, Completed status data table value…

The “Completed Status1” data table declared for “Tab2”… plz check the Variable types… (Fyi- The filter assigned for “Completed Status1” column )

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Just a trial… Change it to type string and try @Subhass:slight_smile:

The issue above is , date should be in the format dd:MM:yy, but we are giving only MM:YY … may be that would be the error…

Please let me know what happens after giving it as string


Changed “InMonth” as string and the assign activity value as Tab2.Select("[Completed Status1]= " + InMonth.ToString).CopyToDatatable… The error showed in snap shot

I hope you have changed it to Int32 instead of string… post the screenshot of variables pane as well

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InMonth still as a string only

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The excel table: the column “Completed Status1” - all the data are in General format only

Please share the workflow and excel so that I can check and get back to you @Subhass

Hi use var as strvar
Convert.ToDateTime(DateTime.ParseExact(strvar,“dd-mm-yyyy”, culture info.invariantculture)

Based on that take a sub string you can do the select operations


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Got Solution::innocent::innocent::innocent::grinning::v:

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