Cannot find Column 6

I was reading data from excel and assigning to a variable.
While ready column 6 I was getting an error as Assign: Cannot find Column 6
There is column 6 in excel but getting the error.

“Column 6” is the name of Column Name ?

Can you please share the screenshot of how you assign it variable ?

No. I had not included headers. So I was reading data as row(6).ToString
6 is just the column number not the column name.
This is how I was assigning data from excel to a variable.

Are you getting value in Row(7) ?

How many Columns are there in your DT?

Hope you are reading the excel and storing it DT . Looping it with Foreach

  1. You Build a Datatable using Build Data table activity.
    It will help you to create a header for Datatable
  2. Read the excel using Read range of workbook and store in DT
  3. Loop the DT from step 2
  4. Use Add Datarow to add the datarows to newly Built dt from Step 1
  5. Atlast Write the Data in Excel sheet using Write range/

No I’m not getting values from row 6 .
Im having 12 rows in DT.
Im reading excel using GSuite scope.
Yeah I was looping with foreach.
I had done same task before but never faced this issue.
The 6th column is an empty cell will that be an issue here?

This is the which Im getting.