Cannot find an Element inside a grid

Hi I have a question regarding selecting an icon thats inside an html grid. This is an old web application that runs on a virtual machine. So I’m using Computer Vision activities. This is the grid:

The robot recognizes the ‘edit’ button while in design time. (the pencil icon)

When I execute the project it throws me the following error

System exception.Element not found at Source: Invoke Caja_RegistrarDolar workflow: CV Click - item Dolar Observado

As you can see on the previous image the selector has 2 anchors. I tried to increase the elements size to 125% but that doesnt help.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi @Rafael_Gamboa
Welcome to UiPath Community
Have you tried UI click activity?
Please remove extra anchor and give one anchor if necessary

Thanks for your reply Sangeetha. I tried to use UI click activity but UiPath Studio requires an application/browser that I cant target on a virtual machine.