Cannot evaluate UiElement selector, parentselector, parentselector

I’m doing rpachallenge because I don’t really get enough rpa frustration from work.

So, anyway, trying to get better at using selectors. There is datatable that I want to extract information from.

First, I have a Find Children activity with a filter. This will give my a list of 9 UiElements that contains exactly the things that I am interested in.

For every Child in Children, I extract the selector.

element = CType(item, UiPath.Core.UiElement).Selector

And I also extract the selector, with an Assign
imgSelector = element.Selector.toString

And I put the resulting selector into an OCR Get Text thing activity. So far so good.

But. If I try to get the parent selector, element.Selector.parentSelector I cannot evaluate this (in the watch window, debugging). Why?

Any light on this would be much appreciated.

Edit: by the way, I can see the parent selector in the visual tree, using ui explorer. I know It’s there.

I think I figured It out. Just use element.Parent.Selector