Cannot evaluate exceptions in the watch window

I have test workflow that only consists of a ReadRange activity. I try to read an excel file that I intentionally have open in excel. This should case an exception. It does. It falls into my catch clause. The catch clause catches System.IO.IOException.

Inside there is a write line activity that writes out: exception.Message

I run this in debug mode from UiPath Studio CE.

When I get to my breakpoint, the try-catch, I step into th catch clause, I cannot in the Watch window type in “exception.Message” - I get a “Cannot evaluate” message on this. However, the writeline has no problem typing out exception.Message.

What gives? Is it a bug? Is it a feature? Is it me?

Hy @bcm,

It looks like UiPath is running as expected. When an error is found it goes to the catch block in the try catch activity.

In the Watch window you can check your variables mid workflow execution, like dictionary, strings and numbers.

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drag and drop a comment activity into the catch block so that you will have 2 or more activities inside.
set a breakpoint to this comment and try again.


Good Sir!

I take off my hat to you! Excellent. It needs to be contained inside a sequence in order for studio to be able to glance into it.

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