Cannot edit environment details



With the latest release (2017.1) one cannot edit an environment and change it from a Dev to a Test environment or rename it (similar to how you would edit a robot’s details). You can only add or remove robots. When adding or removing robots, there is no apply or update button, the selection applies automatically.

2 questions:

  1. Is there any technical reason to not allow editing name, description, type. If so, shouldnt we at least display the attributes but make them uneditable.

  2. With no apply button you cannot “cancel” a selection (Not supported scenario: edit -> change selection -> cancel). In other “edit” scenarios (like robot editing) we have the update button. This behavior seems both a loss of functionality and a UI inconsistency.

Maybe there’s also broader discussion here around CRUD operations for all types of views/aspects/items in Orchestrator and the consistency between them.

Would like to know what everyone else is thinking.


Unless it’s been changed twice, this has been the same in 2016.2(.6274, earlier ones too IIRC).

Although agreed that it’s inconsistent with other editing scenarios and it would be a nice-to-have, personally I’ve never found it limiting (but, we’re using multi-tenancy, so there isn’t that huge lists that you need to sift through).
I can agree that there’s a potential risk where someone missclicks on a longer list and adds/removes a robot from an environment and it gets unnoticed.

So +1 from me.


I agree with the name and description.

Regarding Type

  • Right now it has no real implication except licensing (in 2017.1)
  • I would choose not to mix them. I would set type only at the Unit level following that any robot, environment, etc inside that unit has the same type


Even we have a similar requirement to rename all the existing Environment names. Can we expect this feature enhancement in upcoming releases?


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Yes it is the same context here :slight_smile:


+1 upvote from me. I have had clients requesting for update to the environment details. Would definitely be good to have