Cannot download from Storage Bucket via html

Hello everybody

I have build a Form Task

with information about a file

which has been successfully uploaded before via upload-storage-file. The file exists, has been uploaded correctly and is accessible.

In Form designer, I have build a html-field, with an anchor element, which refers to the input variable

The created form task is valid and will be shown as expected.

The problem is, the generated link to the storage file is wrong. If I click on it Orchestrator says it does not exist

Can somebody help me to understand what the problem is and help me to fix it?
I have followed the example given here

Merci and have a nice day

Hey Enrico,
For us to render forms with the correct storage file download URL , please name the argument in the Form Data collection that contains a storage bucket based file with suffix _storage, in this case mappingfile has to be named as mappingfile_storage and refer to it as {{data.mappingfile_storage}}
Could you please try this and let us know if you see the file rendered ?


Hey Liji

Its weird but works. Thank you for your help.

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