Cannot download Community Version from Ukraine


The download UiPath results in 403 error when download is initiated from Ukraine.
I had to use VPN to download it.

Some of us have foreign clients you know :slight_smile:

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403 - Forbidden as well.

You aren’t alone. I had to download Studio CE from another user. And now it isn’t automatically updated and I’m not sure that I will be able to prolong the license.
Could UPath help with this question?


There are some info in the announcement on this post.
Hope it helps you.



Thank you for your help. I’m from Kyiv, not from restricted territories, as was written by the link.
I hope it will help when I’ll write a request


I’m from Lviv, Ukraine. Also can’t download UIPath Community Edition. 403 Forbidden error. Is it legal to download it in Ukraine (not Crimea or Donbass)?

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@11143 try to use VPN


I’m from Lviv, the same 403, used proxies to download. Not sure why is that restriction for - the person who want to download will find the way.

Hi! I am from Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi - it’s not the restricted territory. I have the same problem, could you so kind to help me with getting a download link?Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi @g4ood3, first of all, welcome to our community!

Did you check your spam folder already? Are you using the same e-mail you use here to download the link?

Did you use your company email to do this request? if you are trying to request using Gmail
or other e-mail account you might not receive any download link, please provide your work email and try it.

even if you’re not in the restricted area, please use this thread below :

Please let me know the results

~Diego Turati

Thank you very much and special thanks for the quick response!

I used Gmail, and, maybe that was stuppid, but I tried some temporary emails)

Finally, I have already solved the problem - I simply downloaded UiPath trough proxy.

Thank you again, wish you good day!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English

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No problem @g4ood3, you’re English is good! The good thing is that your problem was solved! Could mark this topic as solved? You just need to click on solution mark

Feel free to contact us anytime!

~Diego Turati

Thank you again! I don’t see the solution mark, it seems I don’t have it. Maybe that’s because I am not the author of this topic

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Hi, I have already read all of information, as all users of this forum i had problem with UiPath downloader(Forbidden), also from Ukraine. I have trusted IP (given by University). Already registered, try to find Message button, had chat with robot, made some likes)). It would be greatfull if i have link to download this cool product). Thank’s for help.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi, i had received link but it’s forbidden for me, i did all stuff: registered, had chat with bot, do some activities, had trusted university ip. What i should do to download from Ukraine as restricted?