Cannot delete file in sharepoint

I can delete some file in sharepoint.
I think filename is long string.

Now error as below.

startIndex cannot be larger than length of string. Parameter name: startIndex

Please guide me for solve it.

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Hi @fairymemay,

I believe you are provind a position that is out of the range.

Example: Let’s say you have this string: “C:\Users\Gustavo.Cervelin\Downloads\file123.pdf”

It’s length is 47.

If you call a function that asks the startIndex and you inform a value greater or equal to 47, it will cause an error.

Try debugging and check the values (string length value and the value you are using as startIndex)

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If you need extra help and/or any question, please let me know :slight_smile:



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What value are you using as startIndex in this case? And what’s the activity/method you are using?

@gustavo.cervelin I Use activity Delete (Sharepoint) as below.


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Thanks @fairymemay

Could you tell me what you’ve enter for Library name and Item URL? The screenshot is displaying just a part of them, I want to see the whole instruction

@gustavo.cervelin I will send to you in message.

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