Cannot delete connection between activities


While building my first flowchart I cannot find a way to delete connections between activities. The only way is to delete the activity itself.
Is it the way Uipath should work?
If not: I am suing UiPath Enterprise Edition, Windows 7 Professional 64 -bit on VMWare Fusion on Mac High Sierra.


You can delete a connection between activities in a flowchart by clicking on the line that form the connection and pressing the key delete.


Mateus, thank you. I found it: As I am on Mac with VMware + Win7 I need to use “fn” + “delete” buttons to delete a chosen connection.


I am using Windows, and I had the same problem.

The ‘Delete’ key would not delete a connection between two activities in a flowchart. I got around this by first deleting the connection between the Start button and the first activity, and then deleting the connection between the first activity and the second activity.

I then reinstated the connection between the Start button and the first activity.


you can use a mac?? how??


Install windows over mac using VMware or Bootcamp. I’m on mac + boot camp windows