Cannot Create seleactor using UipathRemoteRuntime for Citrix and Studio Extension

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

When trying to automate a citrix desktop we are not able to create selectors from within Studio.
We tried using UiExplorer with different UI frameworks, normal Click Activity and Native Citrix Recording.
The selector always is

when using Natice Citrix Recording the click activities have the “normal” cursor offset instead of a detailed selector.

For installation, UiPathRemoteRuntime installer with 19.10.4 version was used, with driver dependency 19.10.7312.25504 on the Citrix Host target server.
Taskmanger also shows UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe as running in version 19.10.7312.25504

On the Studio Machine (19.10.4) the Citrix Extension is installed with UiPathPluginCitrix.dll in version 19.10.7243.31457
The UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package version used is 19.11.2 which also has driver dependency 19.10.7312.25504

Does anyboda have an idea where our our setup is going wrong?