Cannot create robot in Orchestrator

Hi all,

I just started the Orchestrator training in the Academy and i’m trying to follow along with the video tutorials.

I created a tenancy and then a new machine.
When trying to create a new robot i get the “An error has occurred.” messagge, like in the screenshot below.

Kinda stuck here :slight_smile: , any help highly appreciated.
Thank you!

Should be your machine login name like yourcompanyname\yourname whatever which comes in your system login page

Thank you for your answer.
I did not mention this in the original post, but my machine is not on a domain or company network, it’s a personal laptop and “TPS” is the user name so i wrote that. Not sure if it should contain more information.
Any thoughts?

Even sometime if it is under maintenance we use to get this error, don’t think it is unexpected. Just give a try after sometime…

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Right on. I’ll try it again later on and see if it works. Thank you!

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Please find below tutorial on deploying a robot to orchestrator

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It works now! Thank you both for the help.

@Serban just want to correct you on something. You don’t CREATE robots using the Orchestrator, you PROVISION the robots, which in layman’s terms would mean connecting the Orchestrator with a UiPath Robot installed on a particular system/server.

For more info, see this:

Thank you for the clarification. It helps to have things correctly defined. On that note, i’m thinking it might be helpful to have the description in Orchestrator named “Provision a new standard robot”, rather than “Create…”.

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Agreed. “Create” doesn’t seem to be the right word here as that can confuse people to think you use the Orchestrator to create Robots, when you actually don’t. It should rather be something like “Define a Standard Robot” or something along those lines.

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