Cannot connect to Dynamics/Dataverse to retrieve data - error AADSTS500011

Hi all,

Currently working on a project which involves retrieving tables from Dataverse, performing some operations and then updating values. I’m new at working with Microsoft’s cloud stuff so any help would be appreciated. Here’s my problem:

I am using Microsoft Dynamics App Scope. In order to do so I went through (i think) absolutely all the steps in the documentation: ; plus all the Microsoft documentation links referenced there :slight_smile:

In Studio, on the Microsoft Dynamics App Scope, when i click on Configure, enter all info for Client Credential authentication type and click Test Connection, i get this error:


The Client ID was with an admin user from the same tenant and there is only one tenant, so i don’t understand the error message and i’m kinda stuck. Also, tried it with a MSFT partner support staff on their environment too and same result, couldn’t figure it out.

Any thoughts? Thank you very much!

Hi, I am searching for a similar activity. I need to read data from Data Verse. Have you got a working sample of this? Also, please could you advise on the best approach to do so.

Hello @vijays,

Have you got any solution on this??


Hello @Serban,

Which activity or pacakges for retrive data from dataverse ??

Thanks in advance!!