Cannot connect new robot in orchestrator

Hi, i’m following the academy training and in the orchestrator module need to setup a new robot.
Unfortunately the instruction video differs from the real orchestrator environment, so I do have a few challenges.
I managed to create a new machine and a new robot, but the robot is still disconnected and I don’t know how to connect it.

Hope anyone will help me on this, thx


Hey @LCLifeConsultant,

No worries, Here are the steps for you.

  1. Go to machines → Add your machine with license number for allocation (Machine name should be same as hostname - Goto cmd and type hostname to get your machine name)

  2. Then Go to Robots → Add your robot by selecting the machine you added in step one. (Goto cmd and type whoami to get your robot name and give the same)

Performing these steps will help establish connection.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @LCLifeConsultant
Actually, the CE orchestrator is upgraded with Interactive signing so you have to align with that
Just follow this below video you will be able to allocate your robot well

thank you both for your reply. I watched the video and followed the steps, but after changing the domain in the orchestrator, i was not able to connect to the assistant anymore. I now created a new organisation and reinstalled uipath and it works fine now.

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