Cannot connect 2018.2 Robot (trial) to 2018.3 Orchestrator

I use the trial version of UiPath (it shows it’s 2018.2.4 Enterprise Version) and cannot connect a robot to the Orchestrator (… I read some articles saying how to do this, but still cannot make it work:
It looks like the procedures for versions 2018.2 and 2018.3 are different: the robot settings on my laptop where UiPath is installed shows “Robot Key” field in settings - I am unable to paste the key from Orchestrator as it’s missing - the key is no longer displayed when creating a new robot and if I understand correctly, “Machine key” should be used (generated when creating a machine, not a robot). I’m stuck and really would like to have this working as I want to complete the trainings on UiPath Academy (btw. the instructions contained in the videos are also not helpful as they describe the old procedure).

Well the machine key is found under Machines tab in the Orchestrator when you click on view details for the machine you created

Yes, I saw it, but the thing is the Machine Key doesn’t work when I paste it into the “Robot Key” field in the robot settings. Following error shows up

See this thread and let me know if it helps:

Thanks… Yep, it works now - it seems that the corporate network I am connected to is the problem (had to create a hot spot on my cell and use it to verify the issue).
I was confused at first as the instructions on how to connect the robot are a little bit unclear, especially that the procedure has changed in the 2018.3 version.

Anyway, thank you for your help :wink:

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