Cannot communicate with IE browser: Open browser activity

Hello there,

I really need your help guys on this thing. Let me tell you what I am trying to do, I went on a website and saved the screenshot as .htm, later I am trying to open it with Open browser activity in IE in order to copy/scrap the table, but no matter what how much I try, I am getting above error: Not able to communicate with IE browser.

Steps I followed after that:
Enabled protection mode for 64 bit, disabled just protection mode as mentioned on Uipath documentation site, did not work.
Added sites under privacy, no use.
Also did thing of adding Package under user/nuget/uipath properties and gave it read/execute, read content list, etc…did not work, nothing.

I have already tried whatever previous threads offered with the same error, nothing worked.

Is there anything else I am missing? Please help, I’d be grateful. Thank you.


Can you share us which version of studio are you using?

Also UiAutomation.Activites package version?


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Thank you @Srini84, I matched the package with Studio’s version and it worked. Thanks for nudging me in the right direction. I really appreciate your prompt response.

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