Cannot communicate with browser u

what do you mean changed the Ui Frameworks
can you explain

Try changing the Ui Frameworks

what does that mean !


You have 3 types of frameworks .
When you indicate anything on the browser it is indicated under Default Frameworks.
AA frameworks is used for old applications and UIA for UI automation applications.



You can change the technology used to determine the UI elements and their selectors. We have the three options Default, Active Accessibility and UI Automation.

  • Default - Automatically chooses the framework that is considered to be the most suitable for the indicated element. This option is selected by default. Usually work fine with all types of user interfaces.
  • Active Accessibility - Uses the Active Accessibility framework, which is Windows specific. It is recommended to use this option with legacy software, when the default option does not work.
  • UI Automation - Uses the proprietary UiPath framework. It is recommended to use this option with newer applications, when the default option does not work.

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that’s helpful
thanks for your info

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