Cannot communicate with browser error: Stopped working halfway

Hi there,

I’ve a file that I managed to run on my laptop that does activities in Chrome browser, reading records from an excel sheet. I did not have any issue with it on my laptop.

However, when I move it to another PC, it can only run for several records (sometimes 30, sometimes more than 100), and then it will stop halfway throwing the error of:
“Cannot communicate with Chrome browser: Please check the UiPath extension.”

I will then need to re-enable (disable and then enable) the UiPath extension component in Chrome, restart Chrome, and then it will work again… and then stop again after some records.

Can someone help to troubleshoot this please?


To be honest, your intermittent issue is not something I have experienced in the middle of a job run. I did used to see this happen machine to machine but at the start of running a job.

One thing I have suggested for robot environments is to change the Chrome preferences to “Read-only”, but only after you have all the settings you need for robot use correct. -you can also copy this Preference file and paste on other machines and users to mirror the Chrome settings. What “Read-only” will do is if settings get changed such as a Crash Report (which asks you if you want to Restore), they won’t be remembered the next time Chrome opens.

The Preferences file will be in your AppData folder per user (ie c:\users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Default)

Here is where the Read-only setting is:

However, if the Extension gets corrupt again, you would need to ensure that the Read-only is unchecked before reinstalling it or changing any other settings.

I don’t know if this is the solution for you, but thought I’d share because it does help create more consistent robot environments.


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